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Lifehack Labs 2014 Venture

Logo for Lifehack Labs 2014

Bridging the world of competitive sport, high school and positive psychology – Beast urges people “Don’t Tame it, Train it.”. Leveraging the extensive research and development from elite sport with the exploding area of positive psychology, the team is working to enable young males to build life skills, improve their well-being and their sports performance. Beast is developing the content for an intervention, and is currently building relationships with high schools and players, industry mentors and other sports psychologists to establish how this would be best delivered.

Lifehack Labs - Team Beast

The team is made up of experience sports women & psychologists, Tahlia Kingi, Jade Shearstone, Gemma Potaka and Caroline Fitzgerald.

Watch Beast’s story which is part of the Fluro team’s presentation at the finale event.

Check out Beast’s website here.