Samuel Andrews

Lifehack Flourishing Fellow

What do you do for money?

I’m a Policy and Information officer at the New Zealand Drug Foundation. I write policy and provide reliable information to the addiction treatment sector.


What do you do for you own wellbeing?

I take time out for myself and have a bath. I share meals with my friends and stay connected with my whanau. What’s one thing that breaks your heart?


What are you most proud of in your life?

The behavioural expectations that come from gender roles that limit people’s ability to express themselves.


What does the next 18 months look like for you?

I’m proud of my learning journey, the fact that I followed my passions, and my successes.


Describe your community?

A change of scene and potentially a shift back into academia. I want to travel and find my place and my role within New Zealand.


What is the impact you want to have on your community?

Young people who want to challenge the “boxes” they are placed in b societal expectations. I have gone through this myself and want to make it easier for others.


Who are you trying to help and what drives you to do so?

I want everyone to have the tools and confidence to live an emancipatory life.

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