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Paul Ingle

Governance & Advisory

For more than 20 years, Paul Ingle has brought a passion for building partnerships to his work in community mental health and addiction services, both in New Zealand and the UK.

Paul is a former chief executive of Pathways, one of New Zealand’s largest providers of community-based mental health and wellness services. In 2012 he moved into a dual role with Pathways’ parent entity the Wise Group, as both Group Lead for strategic development and the Executive Director of Mental Health Solutions, the Group’s centralised contract holding company.
An active participant within the sector, Paul is the current Chair of Platform Trust, the national peak body for NGO mental health and addiction providers; Chair of a cross-sectoral committee to develop an integrated child and youth mental health and addictions strategy and action plan for the Auckland District Health Board; was a member of the Mental Health Commission’s expert panel to develop Blueprint II; and is the founder for Real, a range of wellbeing services for young people launched in 2012.

Paul’s approach at both strategic and operational levels is to identify and promote opportunities for greater partnership. “I believe we need to move beyond a transactional model of delivering to communities to a partnership model of delivery with communities; taking more time to build community ownership and capability” he says. “I am deeply committed to the idea that communities can and should be able to resolve their own problems when the right resources are made available”

Paul’s role at Lifehack is to support the initiative from a governance perspective.

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