Jamie Emery

Lifehack Flourishing Fellow

Who are you?

I’m a seasonal worker managing a large DOC campsite, and a mum of five. I’m also studying for an Applied Social Services degree.

What do you do for you own wellbeing?

Long hot showers and writing

What’s one thing that breaks your heart?

When I see people misunderstand each other.

What are you most proud of in your life?

I’m proud of myself! I’ve worked really hard to get here.

What does the next 18 months look like for you?

Guided challenges!

Describe your community?

My community (in Kaitaia) is beautiful! But people are not connecting and it lacks a community vibe.

What is the impact you want to have on your community?

I want to be a positive influence! I think it’s important to create good examples for our youth to emulate and build upon.

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