Lifehack Weekend – Wellington

Earlier this year, we ran several Lifehack weekends around the country. Following some intense months running Labs, we figured it was now time for the capital, and the wider Lifehack community, to have a go at working on some youth-focused wellbeing projects.

During these weekends, we work with projects who courageously volunteer to have their work hacked on by a bunch of volunteers. To give you an idea, have a look at this video from our Invercargill event.

Projects we work with have a wellbeing focus which we are approaching holistically. Whether it’s a bike-hire scheme that gets people out the house to spend quality time with one another, building employment pathways or young people learning how to write music – anything that fosters wellbeing directly and indirectly qualifies.

We are currently on the lookout for people who would like be the ones whose projects get worked on. This might be a full-time project, or someone you know has been beavering away on something during night times and weekends who could do with a helping hand from the Wellington community. Whether you can attend or not, we’d love you to fill in this form if you’ve got project suggestions.

Our criteria are: Projects need to benefit young people (12-24 years old, directly or indirectly), and could use technology to increase the impact, scale or effectiveness of their work.

Sign up here, and spread the word. We’re looking for designers, writers, social workers, teachers, developers, strategists and generalists. Big thanks go out to the fine folk at The BizDojo for hosting us!

General plan for the weekend is:

Meet & Greet over beers and a bite: Friday 7th 6pm
Getting things done: Saturday 10am-late, Sunday 11am-3pm
Final presentations: Sunday 3pm-4.30pm