How We Make Change Happen

How We Make Change Happen

How might we activate a generation that flourishes*?

Youth mental health and wellbeing is often approached as a collection of problems to be solved, rather than part of a holistic vision to be achieved. A flourishing society requires investment in young people that focus not only on minimising deficits or treating issues, but also on building capacity and skills that will enable them to be healthy, resilient and well-prepared for their lives.

Lifehack is a space where people can come together to develop new approaches, projects and ventures, with young people at the centre of the process. We bridge backgrounds, skill sets and place, and empower young people and communities to redefine their own version of success. In short, Lifehack is the R&D ground for Youth Wellbeing interventions.

In the last 2 years, Lifehack has moved away from trying to “solve” youth mental health issues with smartphone apps and stepped into the systemic questions:

What are the key components of wellbeing for a young person?

How might user-centered technology contribute to this?

What’s getting in the way?

How do we get beyond that?

Our Vision

Our Vision

Lifehack helps young people live better lives.

Our vision is 100% of young kiwis “flourishing” by 2050.

We focus on switching young people on to their power to help other young people flourish, and coaching them to achieve impact. We work intra-generationally to inspire & support 16-30 year olds to build initiatives which will help 12 -24 year olds.

Our unique strengths are:

  • bringing like minds together to join forces and make things happen
  • bridging the worlds of research & academia with design, technology and entrepreneurship
  • creating the space for collaborative projects to take shape, and for people from different disciplines to work together
  • helping people and organisations who don’t have a deep technology background to feel comfortable and capable to develop technology projects
  • enhancing people and organisation’s understanding of why and how to do meaningful youth participation
  • experimenting carefully & learning what’s effective over time
  • coaching the design of the early stages of youth-focussed initiatives
  • seeding and nurturing communities of changemakers
Our Outcomes

Our Outcomes

For Aotearoa New Zealand…

We’re focused on enabling a generation to flourish. Our commitment is to equity of wellbeing for all New Zealanders.

Prototype Products – we seek to support youth-led (or youth-centric), early-stage products, services & projects that positively impact the wellbeing of thousands of young people in Aotearoa New Zealand, and around the world. Designing projects which are appropriate and viable for thousands of Kiwis often relies on technology in some way; see here for some techspiration for what has already come out of Lifehack as well as other inspiration around the world.

Social Ventures – we deeply believe that products don’t change the world, people do. That’s why we put an emphasis on looking beyond products, services and ventures, toward the individuals & teams which are behind the projects – you are the ones who will take the ideas to appropriate scale and change the world for the better. Wherever possible we focus on projects with models to enable that appropriate scale.

Supporting The Innovators – we focus the creative potential of Kiwis on existing projects which are starved of talent, resources or profile. We help create physical and virtual spaces where people can cooperate and collaborate – here’s an example of what happens when we do that.


For Individuals…

People who engage with Lifehack learn to build their own wellbeing foundation that will enable you to:

Know Yourself – experience a deepening sense of personal meaning in your life. Join us to sense further into who you really are, the gifts you can bring, and who you want to be in your future.

Become Resilient – develop a greater capacity to respond to challenging and stressful situations. Our programs have wellbeing hacks built into them, so you develop your own practice of resilience, as well as making it more accessible to others.

Make Connections – build and deepen meaningful, supportive relationships. Through our community actions and events you will meet some of NZ’s leading social innovators, business thinkers, startup champions, activists, changemakers, other entrepreneurs – change doesn’t happen by individuals acting alone, welcome to the people who, together, can shift the needle.

Tool Up – increase your ability to creatively solve problems. Whether you’re hoping to train your skills on something more purposeful, seeking to start a new social venture, tooling up to become a leader of a Government innovation team, or just wanting to learn the truth behind entrepreneurship – our community will give you the best possible foundations for leading change and understanding the difference between having an idea, and executing on it to see real impact.

New Knowledge – we’re bridging the worlds of academia, entrepreneurship, policy, community development, service delivery and young people’s day to day lives. Join us to access the insights and learnings which are emerging to expand your horizons in design, technology, wellbeing, social entrepreneurship and the startup world.

These qualities will increase your wellbeing, performance, and success in all areas of life.