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Venture Support with GoFlo on the Wild West Coast

Title Slide - Wild West Coast

We’ve been hard at work supporting the Ventures which emerged from Lifehack Labs 2014 which are focused on supporting young Kiwis to live better lives.

Most of our support is remote – whether it’s in the form of coaching phone …

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e-Mental Health Roundtable : Inaugural Gathering

Banner: Attending the e-mental health roundtable

How might we better co-ordinate and collaborate within the e-mental health community?

We were delighted when we received an email from Dr Terry Fleming (of SPARX & University of Auckland) inviting us to the inaugural round table of e-mental health …

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What is a Social Innovation Lab?

Are you trying to tackle a problem that is complicated or complex?

Social Innovation Labs, like Lifehack, are established to tackle wicked problems – problems where the elements involved are ever moving, changing and morphing. They’re interconnected. That makes solving the problems very difficult, some would say impossible. Whilst you can’t solve …

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