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Here’s a reminder of a fantastic TED talk from awhile back. 

Brene Brown on ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ 

Developing emotional intelligence (EQ) is a key trait we focus on through LIFEHACK HQ program and events. We see it as integral …

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Social Enterprise meets Design Thinking & Lean Startup

Today we wanted to introduce you to three key parts of the LIFEHACK toolkit which we’ll be talking about more as the months continue.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise is about tackling social and environmental challenges using a business model which …

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Part II – The Lifehacker Co-Founder Journey

This blog follows hot on the heels of The Lifehacker Co-Founder Journey – Part I in which we caught up with Footsteps from Dunedin and talked about the importance of support and up-skilling to turn ideas into actual working tech …

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The Lifehacker Co-Founder Journey – Part I

It’s been an industrious winter for the LIFEHACK team, though you may not have heard too much of what we’ve been up to. As part of our vision for LIFEHACK, we needed to take the awesome outcomes from the events …

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